Tuesday, September 13, 2011

1962 Shasta Airflyte Restoration

In the beginning!

This is the story of an abandoned 1962 Shasta Airflyte and how it found it's way back to Glory!

Purchased from a spot in Jordan, New York this guy was a mess! Extremely dirty and beat up. But I believed in him. How could I not? This little Airflyte wasn't quite ready for the scrap yard. There is always hope and where there is a strong will....there is always a way!
He came with several coats of paint on the outside. Old paint, new paint, you name it. I think he even had finger paint on him! The chrome was corroded and one wing was smashed nearly beyond repair. There was window damage, door damage, vent damage. Yep, you know the drill! 

He had leakatosis of the interior birch, dismantled plumbing, a dirty icebox and stove, need I go on? Pictures say it best....so stay tuned for forth coming blogs!

On top of that my partner in this restoration venture left unexpectedly and I in turn was left to finish this guy on my own....or so I thought. And that's where this guy and myself have something magical in common.  You see, for a little while for me and for a long time for him we were pretty much on our own and alone. But I hung in there and it turns out that there were a lot of people who hung in there right along with me and gave me the ummmpf I needed to get this done in one way or another. 
And all it took was some tender loving care for both of us and we SURVIVED!

This guy is ready to move on to a new home now and make someone out there very happy. He is lucky. He almost didn't make it to the finish line. And I kind of like to think that whoever does end up being the new owners will have nothing short of the best times of their lives in this old beauty. Building memories and living life! 

Originally, this Shasta was named Jordan after the town he was rescued from. But that doesn't quite fit anymore. And so, without further ado, Let me proudly introduce you to....


In the beginning....the exterior!

Painted Blue Wings!

He has mismatched caps.

Broken windows, rusty tongue

Oye Vay is all I have to say!

This wing kept me up at night!

Wires hanging everywhere!

Now that door leaves quite an impression doesn't it!

He looked so small in the beginning!

Almost looks hopeless!

Floor was in great shape except at the door.

Old lights still attached.

Satchmo we miss you!

Ghandi checking out the patch!


Painted wheels, packed bearings, stripped paint, polished
Z stripe!

Nice looking step! Gary, Lucky's knight in shining armor did that and the wheel.

A little dust but absolutely no leaks up here!

Gary also ground the tongue and for a finishing touch of flair he
even went as far as to put on a new trailer level!

The wiring is all encased and electric brakes are ready
for rolling! Thank you Gary!

And some in between...I will post more detailed photos of how this work was done later!

Before the packing of the bearings!

What the step used to look like!

Minus the hanging mess of wires!

original grab  handle

New keyed door latches and shiny eyebrows throughout!

There are a few dents but who doesn't have them at this age?

New Vintage Style lights.

Rear bumper ground and painted, original bargman  cake lights!

Original plate holder with a new light installed.

There is that patch. Kind of adds some character!

This is that old wing rebuilt! A fantastic job and nothing short
of a Miracle...again, my friend and 3 week shop buddy Gary came through!

Let the painting begin!

Shiny door eyebrow!

There is quite a story to tell about this door lock! Goes back
to being LUCKY!

Paint can make all the difference in the world!

Lucky ready to roll!

Hope you enjoyed this first blog post! I am looking forward to showing you how everything was done and the transformation as it progressed. There was a time neither me nor Lucky thought that he would actually get to this point. And it would not have been possible without the skill, talent, patience and perseverance of  Gary who did a lot of the work that was more of my old partners specialty. Thank you Gary. Your kindness is  rare and much appreciated ! Thank you to the friend who thought enough to connect me with him, you know who you are! Thank you to the friends who stopped by to lend a hand or just share some laughs and take the load off, Thank you to everyone who continued to offer support and words of encouragement along the way...you make the best cheerleaders, Thank you to my daughter Justine and her boyfriend Pauly who brought me food when I was starving, always came to visit even if only for a few minutes and brought along my sweet little Mason, my grandson who I have missed deeply while I worked my butt off! All of you serve as reminders of  how special life is and I am blessed to have you.

I've got a good feeling about this trailer! To the new owners, whoever you may be...this trailer is filled with love and you will be lucky to own it!

Until next time,.....


  1. Hi, I love your "Lucky"...looking forward to future post and photos.
    Mrs. B

  2. Thank you so much! Can't wait to see yours!

  3. Thank you Kit. Looking back at where I started it did turn out nicely didn't it? I am a pretty humble person but I must say right now I am pretty proud!

  4. Amazing work! Someone sure is LUCKY :)

  5. Love this little camper! You did an excellent job!

  6. Thanks for the compliments! Lucky appreciates them too!

  7. Lucky is still for sale and can be seen on tin can tourists classified ads.

  8. I am in love with Lucky! Some day...SOME DAY I'll be able to afford one just like him!!

  9. Love, love, love your Shasta! I wish that I could buy her today!

  10. Wow! You have done a fabulous job on Lucky! I am thinking I'd like to get a look at her! I live in Chili! :-) When would be a good time to stop by and visit Lucky, and meet you too?

    We are planning a graduation trip for my son this next summer so that he and his older brother can travel cross country and have an adventure together! This little gal has got me thinking about them driving cross country, rather than flying and renting a car, staying in motels, etc! Also,my hubby and I are at the point where we want to do more traveling (kids are all grown up now and college fees are almost done!) So... maybe we could afford this little jewel if the price is right! I can picture us enjoying her for many years... enjoying many journeys! Let me know when I can drop by for a visit! Looking forward to interior shots too!
    Corinne in Chili

  11. Can you tell me about the nail strip between the furring strips and the skin? Are they plywood cut in strips or 1x2 inch strips?

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  13. We just bought our first Shasta and in the Process of restoring her. We were wondering what you used around the window seals in the two front side Dinette windows 😊