Thursday, September 22, 2011

Framework Repairs - Rear

In this blog posting I would like to show you some of the work that was done to the actual framework, or bones as I like to call it, of this old boy! If you have been following you remember what we started with. Well, that back wall was removed and the skin was also removed to make  room for repairs. 
The back was opened up and "Lucky" was exposed!

This is the original flooring found under the bed/couch.

Lucky's bones has some damaged areas but not as much as we expected. Repairs were made so that it would once again be solid and strong and ready for another lifetime of travel!

The corners were made strong and sturdy once again.

After this was done new birch was fitted at the back wall and side areas.

The old birch was sanded and you will see how well they ended up matching!

Once this was done it was on to rebuilding the frame. All wood that had deterioated was replaced and the bones were checked to make sure they did not have rot and would last.

Lucky's rear was once again in A-OK shape! 

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